Help CD McRae Escape To Florida
30 November 2021

Gerardine is a Roman historian, with a focus on the Republic and her politics, particularly in the area of how the Republic was born from tyranny and morphed once again into a dictatorship under Julius Caesar. She also studied political theory from Greek and Roman times, through to the Enlightenment thinkers who grappled with the best form of government or ways in which societies could live with the best degree of harmony. Australian politics is another area of study, which is currently proving to be poignant given the turbulent and changing political landscape our nation, and the world, is in. Gerardine has worked in both the private and government sectors, including print media, construction, higher education and IT, and for Federal and Local Government politicians in an advisory and administrative capacity. In addition, she has many years of experience working on and managing political campaigns.

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