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The Australian Liberty Network was founded in 2021 by Stuart Jeffery, as well as Jack Kerley and CentristOzzy, in response to growing tyranny from the Australian federal, state, and territory governments.

We seek to provide independent coverage of Australian current affairs and politics, from a liberty-minded perspective. Rather than being bound to any one political ideology, the Australian Liberty Network strives to promote the ideals of liberty and freedom as a whole. Placing people into neat political boxes discourages civil conversation and promotes disunity and division. Therefore, members of the Australian Liberty Network bring a broad range of political ideologies to the table, tackling the issues that face modern society from all angles.

Along with this website, Australian Liberty Network also produces the Gumtree of Liberty and Gumtree of Liberty Live podcasts, and has a YouTube channel, where you can find the video editions of the podcast.

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