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23 January 2022

Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne promised on Jan. 21 that the Australian government will not participate in any war over Ukraine.

Payne announced at the conclusion of the Australia-United Kingdom Ministerial Consultations (AUKMIN) in Sydney that Australia will not send military aid to Ukraine, but has not ruled out responding to any requests for help from Ukraine, Perth Now reported.

UK Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss spoke at the Lowy Institute in Sydney, and warned Russian President Vladimir Putin against going to war with Ukraine, claiming that it would be “a massive strategic mistake,” Sky News reported.

Truss encouraged Putin to de-escalate the situation with Ukraine, suggesting that the devastation of any war over Ukraine would be similar to the Soviet-Afghan war, Sky News reported.

Payne and Truss have affirmed that their countries will coordinate their response to any Russian aggression towards Ukraine, Perth Now reported.

The Australian ambassador to Ukraine, Bruce Edwards, has also indicated that Australia is willing to place sanctions on Russia, according to Perth Now.

Truss has stated that Britain would consider “economic consequences in particular that would have a very damaging effect” in response to Russian aggression, referring to the possibility of further sanctions, according to Perth Now.

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Australian Defence Minister Peter Dutton and UK Secretary of State for Defence Ben Wallace joined Truss and Payne in releasing the AUKMIN 2022 Joint Statement condemning the concentration of Russian forces near the Russian-Ukrainian border. Upholding support for Ukrainian sovereignty, and called for de-escalation.

This announcement follows a decision by the British government to send approximately 2,000 anti-tank weapons to Ukraine, along with reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft and 30 members of the Special Operations Brigade’s Ranger Regiment, according to Sky News.

The Ranger Regiment is meant to train, advise, and fight alongside soldiers from other countries in intense or unconventional conflicts.

Another member of the Commonwealth of Nations, Canada, has given Ukraine a loan of $120 million, in response to Russia, Canada News reported.

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