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16 December 2021

The inaugural ‘Face The Music’ freedom rally was hosted by Free the Nation Music Dec. 12 on the Queensland/New South Wales border, bringing together musicians and music fans from all over Australia for a day of live music and to promote personal sovereignty.

Performers on stage included musicians, Matty Roberts and AKoVa, Kyle Lionhart, Tay Oskee and Billy Otto as well as Free The Nation Music founder Ben Mitchell, concluding with an ensemble performance led by Ziggy Alberts.

The live music industry has been one of the hardest hit by pandemic restrictions in Australia with live music events subject to proof of vaccine requirements in many states and at the time of writing, one of the only remaining industries subject to vaccine passports in NSW, MSN reported.

The energetic crowd numbering in the hundreds was entertained by speeches and music performances throughout the day.

“Sunday 12th December was such a special freedom rally because it marked a moment when so many different people from all walks of life came together for a united cause: freedom of choice” Free the Nation Music founder Ben Mitchell said to Australian Liberty Network.

“Everyone attending did so to send a unified message that we the people of Australia are fine to make up our own minds about important issues like our own health,” Mitchell said.

“We will not stand for coercion or bullying no matter how often or how consistently the government and media use fear and intimidation to try and force any of us to go against our own will. We stand for love, respect and choice; the values of Free The Nation Music shared by all sovereign souls everywhere,” Mitchell explained.

Free The Nation Music is a collective of musicians from around the world who stand for freedom and oppose all forms of segregation and discrimination, including medical discrimination according to the Free The Nation Music website.

Further events are planned for 2022. You can learn more about joining the movement on the FTNM website.

You can also subscribe to a playlist featuring FTNM performers on Spotify here

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