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6 January 2022

GETTR, an online micro blogging platform opened the new year with a bang, seeing significant growth in its user base after a large influx of influential voices to the platform.

Dubbed the “Twitter killer” by various people like Dr. Robert Malone, the GETTR platform continues to gain traction with conservative and liberty minded voices in the social media landscape. The gains come against the backdrop of the continuing campaign of censorship on rival platform and dominant player Twitter Fox Business reported.

GETTR, launched Jul. 4 2021, is run by CEO and former Senior Advisor to US President Donald Trump Jason Miller, and is home to de-platformed personalities such as Alex Jones and Carl Benjamin.

The site continues to see significant growth after prominent podcast host and comedian Joe Rogan joined the platform in the first week of 2022 according to a press release from GETTR.

On Jan 5th GETTR announced “Half a million people open GETTR accounts after Joe Rogan joins platform” through via official press release. Rogan was joined on GETTR by several prominent figures including Jordan Peterson, Maajid Nawaz and Gina Carano in the days following the announcement.

“A lot of people are saying you know what, I may not be someone who’s getting sentenced to digital jail, but I just don’t even want to be part of a platform that does have that.” said Miller.

Rogan’s influential podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience features long form interviews with prominent voices across the arts, politics and science. An exclusive to the Spotify streaming service since 2021, JRE is one of the most popular podcasts in the world.

Rogan sees download numbers nearing 200 million per month, the BBC reported, dwarfing the viewership numbers of all cable news shows and making Rogan an unusually influential political voice, according to the New York Times.

After his departure from the YouTube and Apple podcast ecosystems, and with the blessing of Spotify, the podcast has continued to feature guests who stray outside the boundaries of acceptable speech that exist inside the walls of the big tech giants Google, Facebook and Twitter.

A notable example is Alex Jones, the host of InfoWars and one of the most banned people on the internet, Rogan was able to interview him no problem despite Spotify having banned him, the Guardian reported.

While the terms of the deal with Spotify remain confidential, there were over 30+ episodes missing from Spotify after the move including interviews with Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos, Digital Music News reported

The move comes as Twitter banned American virologist, immunologist and vaccine innovator Robert Malone in late December for making assertions that “Pfizer’s COVID19 vaccines caused more illness than they prevent” according to a recent post on Malone’s GETTR.

Malone’s removal happened the day prior to his appearance on the JRE podcast and set the stage for the migration.

Critics of Malone argue his social media posts lead to ‘vaccine hesitancy’, according to the Atlantic.

“Twitter is in no position to judge Dr. Malone. If hem as inventor of MRNA vaccine technology is concerned, we should all be,” said Evolutionary Biologist Brett Weinstein on Twitter after the ban came into effect.

A wave of prominent podcasting and social media personalities including Zuby, Andy Ngo and Brett Weinstein, all created GETTR accounts in the first week of 2022 appearing to follow Rogan’s lead.

An Australian contingent of sporting and independent media personalities were also part of the migration with Andrew Bogut and Real Rukshan joining the platform.

“A lot of people are exiting Twitter and saying we’re tired of the political discrimination,” said Jason Miller via his official GETTR account.

Twitter has also banned the private account of American Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene along with Malone according to Fox Business.

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