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13 May 2022

A Kim Jung-Un impersonator has crashed an election campaign event on Friday morning leading into the final week of the election.

The man going by the name “Howard X” appeared at the event shortly after Prime Minister Scott Morrison addressed the media with MP Gladys Liu reported the Daily Mail.

Interacting with the media at Extel Technologies manufacturing facility in Mount Waverley, Melbourne, the man greatly resembled the leader of North Korea with his stout body shape, pin striped suit and slicked back hair.

In one of the more bizarre moments of this year’s Federal Election campaign, the man made statements inferring the MP Gladys Liu was a supporter of Chinese President XI Jinping reported Sky News.

“Gladys Liu is the communist candidate,” he said. “If you want communist party to be in control of Australia, vote Liberal.” he continued.

Self described “Young Larrikin” and Queensland senate candidate for the Democratic Alliance Party Drew Pavlou took responsibility for the event on Twitter reported the Brisbane Times.

Drew, a man who knows how to cause a stir was recently embroiled in controversy for standing on a Sydney street with a sign saying “F*ck Xi Jinping”

The impersonator was seen talking to Victoria Police shortly after leaving the Extel facility reported Sky News.

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