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12 April 2022

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese’s election campaign got off to a false start today after his first official press conference of the campaign took a turn for the worse.

The blunder comes the day after Prime Minister Scott Morrison called an election yesterday for the House of Representatives and half of the Senate, with the vote being held Saturday, May 21 The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Anthony Albanese struggles to answer questions on the first day of the 2022 election campaign.

The opposition leader was asked a series of questions on Monday April 11th regarding the federal unemployment rate and the official cash rate at a press conference in the marginal seat of Bass reported.

The aspiring prime minister attempted to dodge the questions, eventually admitting that he didn’t have the answers 3AW reported.

Albanese came in for some scrutiny with some questioning whether an aspiring Prime Minister should know the answers to the questions posed.

The self inflicted wound came as a video emerged online from back in 2012 of the then Member for Grayndler Albanese giving a speech which appears to be plagiarised from the 1995 movie The American President, reported.

The video posted to Twitter appears to show Albanese delivering an address to the National Press Club, reciting almost word for word, a monologue delivered by the President who is played by Michael Douglas in the film.

Albanese issued an apology for the election campaign gaffe later in the day, according to SBS News.

“Earlier today I made a mistake. I am human. But when I make a mistake, I’ll fess up to it and I will set about correcting that mistake,” Albanese said.

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