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2 May 2022

Independent candidate for QLD senate Drew Pavlou took to the streets of Sydney on Saturday April 30 to protest the human rights record of the PRC leadership, calling out Xi Jinping directly and drawing an angry response from the crowd.

In a viral video that has so far amassed 1 Million views Pavlou is seen holding a placard with a sign saying “Fuck Xi Jinping” while fending off angry bystanders reported

The protest was met with criticism, with some claiming the conduct was inflammatory “and dangerous” reported the Daily Mail.

Drew claimed on social media that NSW Police are going to press charges against him for the act of standing in the street with a sign criticising a foreign leader.

“My point is a simple one – I should be able to insult a dictator like Xi Jinping in my own country without being physically assaulted & attacked. Australia is a democracy and we should be free to insult any leader no matter how coarsely,” Drew said via a statement on his Facebook page.

Drew Pavlou rose to prominence in January 2022, driving global discussion around the whereabouts of Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai, reported The Guardian. Pavlou’s campaign which consisted of attendees at the Australian Tennis Open wearing shirts displaying the question “Where is Peng Shuai?”. The protest drew support from influential people who saw the attempts of the Australian Open to quash the dissent as capitulation to the CCP.

Pavlou took to radio telling 2GBs Ben Fordham to defend his protest in Sydney.

““How many times do you see signs at the climate rallies that say fuck Sco Mo?,” said Pavlou in the 2GB interview.

A spokesperson for the NSW Police have begun an investigation into the altercation reported The Courier Mail.

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