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26 December 2021

10,000 Russian troops near Russia’s border with Ukraine have been ordered to leave the area and return to their original bases.

The Russian military claimed that these troops were returning to their permanent bases after being deployed near the Ukrainian border for a month of combined arms’ military exercises, The Hill reported.

This news comes after a period of heightened tension between Moscow and Kyiv, during which Russia stationed as many as 90,000 soldiers near the border, Reuters reported.

One US intelligence report, attained by the Washington Post, suggested that this number may be as high as 175,000.

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Western governments share a concern that Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine, according to the ABC.

United States President Joe Biden told Russian President Vladimir Putin that the US would put economic sanctions on Russia in the event of a war between Russia and Ukraine, The Hill reported.

Russia has expressed concerns over Ukraine potentially becoming a member of the North American Treaty Alliance, according to The Hill. If Ukraine joined NATO, Russia would have another NATO member state on its border, which is a major national security concern for Russia.

Further talks between Russia and the US are planned for Jan. 2022, CNN reported.

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