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1 February 2022

Spotify announced plans to implement measures to combat misinformation amidst the ongoing controversy with the world’s number one podcaster Joe Rogan in a blog post released Jan 30.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek posted a detailed response to the company’s website explaining that Spotify is “implementing changes to help combat misinformation.”

This comes as singer-songwriters Neil Young and Joni Mitchell announced last week that they were removing their music from Spotify in protest at COVID-19 misinformation broadcast on the platform, Reuters reported.

Spotify made public internal “Platform Rules” in which the company advised a range of measures designed to ensure the safety for their listeners.

“An advisory will direct listeners to a COVID-19 hub that contains information from medical and health experts, as well as links to authoritative sources,” according to the Spotify website.

“Content that promotes dangerous false or dangerous deceptive medical information that may cause offline harm or poses a direct threat to public health,” Spotify continued.

This is followed by some consequences for “Rule breakers” including account suspension or termination for “repeated or egregious violations” according to the rules outlined in the post. 

The controversy surrounds recent guests Dr Robert Malone and Dr Peter McCullough who Rogan featured on his podcast to discuss ongoing COVID measures in the US and abroad.

During these long form conversations Malone and McCullough posed questions around the suppression of early treatment and the efficacy of vaccines.

These conversations drew backlash last week when a group of 270 ‘medical professionals’ wrote an open letter to Spotify demanding they put a stop to the dangerous health advice shared on Rogan’s show, reported.

In a post to his Instagram account, Rogan gave a detailed breakdown of the discussions that caused the controversy and offered his listeners reassurances that the podcast will feature more prominent voices from both sides of the debate.

According to Spotify “this content advisory is the first of its kind by a major podcast platform.”

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