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Bar Wunder located in Toowoomba remains open despite being forced to close its doors until January for serving the unvaccinated by Queensland police on Dec. 23 after authorities entered the premises.

In a live stream on the bar’s Facebook page, the owner Mark McElligott can be seen questioning the legality of the action taken by QLD police. The video shows QLD police entering the dog-friendly establishment after a verbal altercation with McElligott and shutting down the venue for breaching the vaccine mandate for the hospitality industry.

Earlier in the week, the owners of Bar Wunder were fined $6892 “for not complying with the state’s vaccine rules” reported.

In a series of posts across Facebook and Instagram, the infringement notice issued to Bar Wunder was seen used as toilet paper, a stubby holder, and framed on the wall. These posts were met with support from the local community.

“So last night we were issued with a lovely fine of $6892 because we accept everyone equally,” the bar said via a statement on Facebook.

“We do not believe this a public health issue, but one of complete control headed towards tyranny,” he continued in the post.

Liberal Democrats Senate Candidate for Queensland Campbell Newman took to Twitter to criticise Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk for their inconsistency over vaccine mandates, which allowed Queensland to close down Bar Wunder, despite Scott Morrison claiming to oppose vaccine mandates.

Newman also encouraged the community of Toowoomba to get behind Bar Wunder saying “I hope the Toowoomba community get behind the owners. They deserve your full support”.

Photograph of protesters taken by ALN

Local residents showed their support for Bar Wunder by organising a protest outside of the bar on Dec. 24. There were around 250 protesters, who filled up the bar and spilled out on the street outside, protesting with anti-vaccine mandates placards, according to ALN journalist Stuart Jeffery.

Bar Wunder remains open in defiance of police orders and the infringement notice.

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