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19 February 2022

As the government’s power grows and everything around us becomes more and more politicised, I and many others, can’t help but notice the vast majority of those around us fall into one of three categories.

The first being left wing progressives, the second being right wing conservatives and the third being those who don’t fall on either side, yet don’t seem to have a problem with all that’s going on, the “silent majority” as they are often described. There are some who identify as libertarians, anarchists and the like, but people who advocate for those values in the truest sense seem to be very rare.

The first two groups, despite being in stark opposition to each other on the surface, are basically different versions of the same thing. They believe that they have different beliefs when really, they have all the same tendencies and fall for all the same corporate and government-driven ploys.

I’d like to look back at recent history to prove this point.

During much of the 2010s, the most prominent political issue and crisis of the day, that was on the news most often and was brought up the most in conversations with friends was the issue of radical Islamic terror. This was what had everyone around us terrified and worked up. There were those who were skeptical of Islam and feared its rise across the West, and those opposed all the fear and hysteria while preaching anti-Islamphobic rhetoric. With the benefit of hindsight, it’s clear as day, that most of the division and fear was created by the corporate press.

Looking back, the idea that the rise of Islam puts Australia in danger of falling under Sharia Law, was ridiculous if not downright laughable. Obviously, this was the most radical view, but many on the right bought into the fear and unwittingly unleashed upon us much of the invasive surveillance state in the name of “fighting terrorism”.

Of course, now that the media hysteria has moved on to another issue, I would guess that the vast majority of people see it for what it was, a very real issue that needed addressing, and still does. but was completely over-exaggerated by the media craziness at the time and has led to some truly horrific consequences. This includes the aforementioned surveillance state and most depressingly, pointless and seemingly never ending wars in the Middle East that have cost millions upon millions of innocent lives.

Now, the corporate press and government have moved on to another issue, which unless you’ve been living under Ayers Rock for the past two and a half years, you’ve probably heard of: Covid-19. The supposedly diametrically opposed right and left may have switched roles this time around, but the roles themselves remain the same.

Those who buy into the hysteria and encourage insane government action out of some irrational fear that is completely unwarranted and those who haven’t lost their minds. This time the government has used the issue to promote even more surveillance, as if that was even possible. These include requiring papers or apps on phones to access private businesses, as well as lockdowns, which could fit the definition of Martial Law. The politics of the issue might be different at face value, but they’re basically completely identical.

Those who oppose the insanity that we’re all witnessing aren’t Covid Deniers the same way we weren’t Terrorism Deniers. The government and their media shills have basically prayed on all the same human instincts to get their way and have led our society to set new and truly horrifying precedents for government power. They have also somehow managed to get the left to support Big Pharma and, perhaps even more impressively, caused right wingers to develop functioning brains.

On a personal note, as someone who grew up in a Muslim family, with mostly Muslim friends, the fact that I actually kind of agree with Pauline Hanson on a major political issue really makes me question exactly what in God’s name is happening right now.

These are very recent examples, but Western governments have used threats to sow fear as an excuse to grow in power for a very long time, like the Red Scare or WMDs.

This is their formula. Create or take advantage of an existing crisis, exaggerate the hell out of it through the corporate press, create mass panic and hysteria, portray their own increased power as the solution.

Now that Covid seems to be winding down, it seems that the next issue is going to be the highly anticipated issue of Climate Change action. Most likely, the government will attempt to capitalise on the precedent set during this pandemic to gain power in the name of “fighting climate change”. My guess is most of the talking points will be eerily similar to the ones we’re hearing right now:

Covid/Science deniers will be called Climate Change deniers, Conspiracy theorists will be called…conspiracy theorists. “Follow the science”, “anti-science”, blah blah-blah blah-blah.

Those of us who are awake to this game, and are over it, must find a way to appeal to the third group mentioned before, the all-powerful silent majority. I believe the vast majority of people, especially young people, have an instinctual and very healthy disdain for politicians, most of their policies, as well as establishment politics in general. Many, if not most of these people just want to figure out life, be happy and become the best version of themselves.

Although things look to be going in a scary direction right now, perhaps if we figure out how to reach that silent majority, we could really unite people and cultivate something beautiful out of all this.

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