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23 March 2022

Are you a conservative political party languishing in the poles looking for a quick fix? Or a News Corp journalist looking to make a name for yourself?

Perhaps your name is Leigh Sales and you’re having a quiet day in the office and looking to ruffle some feathers on Twitter.

Well here at ALN have we got you covered. We have a great little pearl of strategic wisdom to share with you, or anyone really looking to crash the Labor party, create a viral moment and turn the 2022 Australian federal election on its head.

Forget the Ukraine, bullying, mean girls or climate change… the megaton bomb you can drop at the next press conference to bring the socialism train screeching to a halt while clawing back 5 points in the opinion polls while you’re at it is simply this.

Ask Labor to define what a women is.

That’s it. One question. What is a women?

Spike that curveball over the net, put the kettle on and brace yourself for some of the most uncomfortable television this side of Tony Abbott eating an onion.

Sit back and witness a gymnastic display worthy of the 2024 ‘gender neutral’ Olympics, which might be the only viable way forward for the institution, let’s be honest.

Don’t believe us? Well luckily this comes with precedent.

Back in early March, the UK press pushed Labour on this very issue with interesting results.

Beginning with leader Keir Starmer and working their way down a list of stumbling Labor MPs, all fumbling their way through explanations of who can and can have a cervix.

Feast your eyes on this awkward moment.

EXHIBIT A – Keir Starmer waffling his way out of calling people with cervixes women.

The stance drew a barrage of criticism from all sides. From orthodox feminists, conservatives and parents. Many came away from it with the impression that Labour is infested with ‘woke’ ideology and a nest for unscientific identitarians.

The issue lingered for weeks, plaguing Labor across social media. The traditional media sensing blood in the water, had a field day as Conservatives looked on with glee.

For Keir Starmer and UK Labour, they were lucky this didn’t transpire during an election and in 2022 with an election looming in Australia the is a template to be replicated. Just today, US Republicans used the same tactic during Supreme Court confirmation hearings for nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Strategically speaking, this is the tip of the iceberg. A whole well of opportunities await cultural conservatives to skewer the woke in the coming Federal election.

The emergent battlegrounds are clear, as demonstrated by Keir Starmer’s stammering, by the recent victory of trans female swimmer Lia Thomas at the NCAA swimming finals in the US and the November victory for Glenn Youngkin in the Virginia governorship elections, a race defined by critical race theory and woke indoctrination in the classroom.

Ketanji Brown Jackson, Joe Biden’s first Supreme Court nominee evades question on gender

With these issues dominating online discourse, and social media virality in full swing, cultural conservatives and journalists are well positioned to seize their moment.

You’re welcome.

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Drew Roller is a Filmmaker, Musician and stay at home dad. He enjoys films about sword swinging immortals, 90s games about British spies and long conversations online that push at the boundaries of polite conversation.

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